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Request and receive video feedback anytime, anywhere, from anyone using your mobile device. Transform your online profile by sharing your feedback with the world to let people know who you are. You get to choose what feedback is public, if you don’t like it then no one ever sees it. When someone checks out your online profile, they’ll learn about you by watching video feedback about you and watching videos about your accomplishments.

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Then get picked for that promotion, get picked to lead the next project, get picked to take on that cool role you always wanted to do…

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Let anyone you give a rating.

Video Feed Back

Colleagues, teachers, manager, employees, you name it.

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Share your accomplishments.


Did something great? Go ahead share it!


From parents to co workers, let people know who you are.


You never know who’s watching.  Maybe your next big promotion is a feed away.

What make us different

Communicate with the world

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FeedYak is the app to communicate who you are to the rest of the world through video bites of respectful and thoughtful feedback. Give and get testimonials from people you know! Watch testimonials about people you want to know.

Real-Time Feedback

Keep Track of Successes
Give your managers and employees a powerful solution to keep track of successes and opportunities for improvement in real-time.

Seamless Reviews

Frequent Check-ins


Run seamless reviews and frequent check-ins without the hassle of traditional systems. Enjoy our holistic suite of solutions.

FeedYak, reviews done right

How To Use Feedyak For Your Business

Your client’s feedback is extremely important to help the image of your business. Usually companies present with pride and satisfaction the testimonials written by their customers on their websites and social networks. However, to really convince potential customers about the quality and the great work that your business offers, you need video testimonials.

FACT: Video Feedback sells

What do you do when you have to visit a doctor for the first time? When you buy your new home, do you listen to someone’s advice? As human beings, we always seek the opinion, advice and even approval of others. It’s the same with your customers. Their trust for a company grows when they know your success stories by customers who already have experienced it.

The video feedback is more convincing than the written testimony (and ratings with stars) as they have a genuine and authentic story that may answer the questions that prospects clients may have. Feedyak can help you with this and is a free application for your phone you can download to Android or Iphone:

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New features allow professionals to give and get testimonials without exposing others to unwanted reviews

FeedYak has added new features for professionals, home service contractors, shared economy service providers, individuals and corporations to showcase, build or repair their online reputation using testimonials and endorsements.

“Unlike Yelp and other review sites, when you get new feedback or endorsements in FeedYak, they remain hidden unless you decide to show them,” said Rick Watkins, co-founder and CTO of FeedYak.  “By using video, we eliminate the ability for a person to write multiple reviews as if they were different people.  And with our approval features we protect people who simply don’t want any reviews.” Corporations can use FeedYak to provide continuous feedback on performance by gathering employee, manager, vendor and customer experiences.

The recently launched company aims to be the go to platform people use when researching individuals before conducting business with them.  Users can watch and read what other people have said about someone to help decide whether to buy, hire or create a relationship with that person.  Video gives a dimension of truthfulness that is not available using other media.  The application’s use spans multiple markets, and is initially targeted in areas where first impressions are made based solely on online profiles.

“Whether you are selling something in the sharing economy, a contractor trying to attract new customers, a company looking to showcase your customer service, or looking for a new job, your online reputation is critical to your bottom line”, said Dave Watkins, co-founder and CEO.  “People will be much less likely to rent your Airbnb room, share your car, or hire you if your competitor has a glowing reputation and you don’t.”

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Who Are We

FeedYak® is a unique startup built by a team with many years of experience and proven success. Over the course of 15 years the FeedYak® team started, built, and sold Softscape, a highly successful, $30 million global SaaS company (with no equity financing). The FeedYak® team invented the Integrated Talent Management segment of the Human Resources market demonstrating the ability to win accounts, build business and master changing trends. Softscape operated from offices in the US, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, and Germany growing to more than 270 global customers with a user base of 4.1 million in 156 countries. Over $300 million in contracts were sold across 30 industry sectors. Worldwide customers included Seagate, Sony, Astra Zeneca, John Deere, University of Notre Dame, and Scotts.

The Founders are experienced in IPO preparation and analyst relationship development with firms like Gartner (Group Magic Quadrant Placement – Upper Right) and IDC. The team has extensive direct experience with mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic sales and deep operational knowledge and experience running an enterprise-class, high growth, SaaS Company.


Reviews Given 95%
Reviews recieved 89%
Accomplishments 95%
Customer Satisfaction 99%

Team Members

David “Dave” Watkins

Dave; the company’s Chief Executive and Sales Officer is a relentless seeker of undiscovered market opportunities. He has been instrumental in building extremely successful marketing strategies and executing them. Dave has extensive business know-how and the ability to articulate business know-why. He is especially proud of his ability to develop strong relationships with his customers, investors, bankers, employees and partners. Dave clearly understands the balancing act required to execute a well-developed and financially viable business plan. He would rather count money than sleep.

Richard “Rick” Watkins

Rick; the company’s Chief Technology Officer, focuses his energy and talents on developing systems that have actionable impact on people’s lives. He is excited about industry trends and working with teams. Rick is the consummate craftsman that tinkers with things until the whole is perfect. He regards his work as a form of art and cares how people use his inventions – building them to stand up over time.

Sebastian “Sebby” Jastrzebski

Sebby is the Chief Architect and abstract thinker who enjoys conceptualizing, designing, and building software applications, architectures, and platforms. He has over ten years’ experience of driving design from system inception to delivery of commercially successful software. Sebby is a renaissance person with strong communication skills working with both technical and business teams. He can visualize the future and define a sustainable path to conquer the market opportunity it represents. Sebby has worked with Rick and Dave for more than a decade.

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